Restore Your Electronics Back To Working Condition

When our electronics are out of commission, our productive lives practically screech to a halt causing disorder at home and businesses losses.

Our daily activities are heavily dependent on electronic devices.

Computers, copiers, appliances, file servers, multi-function printers, x-ray, cat scan, MRI, medical, pharmaceutical, robotic, ATM, gaming, radar, GPS and many other electronically controlled equipment save us convenience and time.

Rescuing electronic devices after damage from water, fire or other peril demands quick action. At Service247, we specialize in electronics restoration services.

Restoration of electronics requires advanced cleaning methods and trained personnel. You can count on Service247, as our progressive methods restore your devices back to working condition, in no time.

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Service247 Contents Restoration Experts
Service247 Contents Restoration Experts

We clean and restore on-site or in-house

  • Personal Electronics

  • Gaming Systems

  • Televisions & Monitors

  • Computers

  • Residential Appliances

  • Commercial Machinery

  • Medical Equipment

  • Restaurant Equipment

  • POS Systems

  • Phone Systems

At Service247 we target, mold, soot, dust and other particulates that can reduce the function of your electronics.

Using filtration systems 99.999% efficient at .12 microns or larger.  Returning your electronics cleaner than before and encouraging an extended life.

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